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The Inner Dialog

Welcome to "The Inner Dialog," a transformative journey crafted by Monica Johnson. You’ll find this is more than just a program; it's a culmination of personal struggles, faith, education, and a profound connection with God. Monica's path has been marked by challenges, from the early departure of her father to traumatic experiences, grief and loss, and personal struggles with depression and anxiety. Yet, it was her unwavering faith, instilled by her mother and her own connection with God, that became the guiding light through the darkest times. In additional to being an author and speaker, Monica also offers Christian Life Coaching.

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40 Days in the Word:

A Daily Devotional

"40 Days in the Word: A Daily Devotional" is a wonderful book that will encourage and help the reader to see how much God loves them and to what lengths He went to in order to give abundant life - now and forever. Read it through in 40 days or open to any day to be encouraged and refreshed by God's Word.

Ways to Grow Your Faith


Single sessions & packages available.

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Learning to Let Scripture Shape Your Thought Life

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